Recommendation Club

Welcome to the Recommendation Club

As a valued customer or acquaintance of the Amex Holdings Group, we are giving you a great opportunity to earn rewards from recommending our products and services to your friends, family and colleagues. All you have to do is phone, fax or email us, giving details of yourself and your recommendation. We will then follow up the enquiry and should the recommendation convert to an installation, you will receive a financial reward from us.

There are four categories offering various incentive rewards. Your eligibility into these categories is based on your purchase from a company within the Amex Group, but you can take part without purchasing anything.

The chart below illustrates what you need to do and what the rewards will be.

Category Your purchase requirement for eligibility Windows, doors and roofline products rewards Conservatories reward
Bronze Non purchasers & Purchasers up to £1,500 £75 £100
Silver £1,500 – £5,000 & Bronze + 3 recommendations £100 £150
Gold Over £5,000 & Silver + 6 recommendations £125 £200
Platinum Gold + 10 recommendations £250 £500

Therefore, if you purchase products costing £1,000 and make three recommendations that result in an installation, you will be upgraded to the silver category.

Then, if your recommendation for a conservatory converts to an installation, you will receive a £150 reward. So if you have a friend in need of replacement windows or doors, who may be considering adding a conservatory onto their property, or they require roofline products, point them in our direction.

Phone our recommendation hotline number below, it’s as simple as that!