What our Customers Think:
Mr Devin & Miss Hope’s porch

The Brief

The customer did not like the enclosed porch at the front of the house and wanted to have the structure replaced with a covered, open porch.

The Solution

As we had already replaced their windows and roofline products and installed a conservatory for them, they came back to us when they wanted a new porch.

The customer chose an open canopy supported by solid oak posts as the final design.

This was no problem as we have a highly skilled carpenter to deal with all situations involving woodwork.

The Result

The customer was delighted with the finished product.

We found the installers very polite and courteous. We received a professional service and found the product to be very good quality. There were one or two problems due to a lack of communication, but these problems were dealt with and resolved quickly. On the whole we are very happy.